Five new red cards revealed: Smash Their Defenses, The Omexe Arena, Burning Oil and more

8 Oct, 2018

Five new red cards revealed: Smash Their Defenses, The Omexe Arena, Burning Oil and more

As card game fans count down to Nov.r 28 for Artifact’s release, Valve continue to feed the hungry mob new cards. Over the weekend five new red cards were shown to the public.

Streamer and caster CHARM3R revealed two spell cards on YouTube: Smash Their Defenses! and Spot Weakness. The former expands on the anti-improvement flavor we’ve already seen in cards like Pugna, but has the upside that you can choose which improvement to condemn. But that’s not all: the spell also refills the empty spot in your hand, keeping your resources stable. Spot Weakness comes in at the same cost, also draws you a card, but is focused on units instead of improvements. Piercing units ignore the armor opponents have, making it an especially great tool to have against red and green decks.


The draw-train keeps racing full steam ahead with The Omexe Arena, albeit in a… more grim fashion. Revealed by Hearthstone pro Xixo, the improvement looks to feast upon those who die. While it’s most certainly a card complementing red’s offensive qualities, it can also be used to mitigate the loss of weaker friendly heroes dying if you’re playing a red/black or red/blue deck, for example.

A second improvement was shared by another Hearthstone pro, GaaraBurning Oil offers a way to protect your tower from incoming damage — or at least make your opponent think twice before attacking it. Place two of these in one lane, for example, and the opponent’s melee creeps can wave their sad lives goodbye.


To round up the weekend of red cards, Valve shared Rebel Instigator. Reminiscent of Red Mist Pillager, the fluffy riot-seeker doesn’t seek a fight with towers, but rather with opposing creeps. Although the stats on the card are far from impressive, it’s not a card to sleep on. Hearthstone players will remember a seemingly unimpressive card called Grim Patron, which eventually took over the meta with the deck built around it.



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