Chinese CS:GO cheaters will reportedly face real-life consequences

8 Oct, 2018

Chinese CS:GO cheaters will reportedly face real-life consequences

On Sep. 15, 2017, Perfect World released their open beta CS:GO client to the Chinese public, which has been available to play to date for enthusiasts of the FPS title. No set date has been unveiled regarding a full-fledged client. The implications of CS:GO taking off in the Chinese/Asian region are massive, and, if successful, could change the dynamic of international competition in more ways than one.  Ever since the announcement, the scene has been patiently waiting to see how Chinese gamers would react to CS:GO and whether interest would be expressed, particularly because the region leans towards MOBA and RTS genres. To incentivise players to, at the very least, try the FPS, the Chinese CS:GO client was made free.

While many eagerly anticipate the game’s full release in the region, it seems a controversial cheating punishment system might be implemented for the title, according to a report from It was proposed that players register their in-game accounts by providing their personal identification numbers, and in the event that they are caught cheating, would face real-life repercussions in the form of diminished creditworthiness. In other words, players that are caught cheating could be denied loans on the premise they cheated in a computer game.

While this implementation will act as a heavy disincentive for those that thought they might get away with it, the consequences of an in-game decision transferring to real life seems like it might be a step too far, particularly if the person on the other end only stands to lose a win/loss rating. An implementation of the sort for a competitive setting might be appropriate; however, having such implications in place for cheating in casual games seems disproportionate, compared to a temporary suspension or even account termination.





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